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"Life is a game which we are all forced to play. The question is; are you prepared to lose?"

*Post-canon, semi-Au Bakura Ryou RP blog.
*Current M!A: None.
*OC, NSFW, AU, and Multiship friendly.
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If Life Were A Game
Would You Play?


(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


*happy Ryou noises*

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

//Um, okay.

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"me or my mun?"

I don’t… Know?

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The teacher who wanted to cut ryous hair off

I think he’s part of Season 0? I don’t know, I haven’t watched all of them but I know he’s in the manga, I think, and I haven’t read that. Because I’m an ass, yes, shut up.

But he’s a dick. >:T Leave my precious baby alone, I’ll cut off your dick.

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Mako Tsunami
  • Why I like them/why I don’t; I don’t know if I like him? I mean, there are some secondary characters I don’t give much thought to and he’s one of them… Whoops.
  • What I like about their appearance; Hm… I like his hair and the fact that it looks like several starfishes have just stuck to his head like they’re agreed it’s their new home.
  • Do I prefer their dub names or original names?; Original.
  • OTP; Don’t have onnne
  • NOTP; Null
  • OT3; Fffff
  • Favourite card they use; The Legendary Fisherman
  • Favourite moment they were in; Probably when he dueled Jou.
  • Least favourite moment; Don’t have one?
  • Would I fuck, marry or kill them; Uh… Kill. I don’t like fish. The smell makes me gag, eugh.
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I just wanna be one of those tumblr users that people actually wanna talk to and ask stuff on a regular basis no matter how silly or weird

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Remember: Muse will suffer Memory Loss for 4 Days


Ryou stopped where he was, blinking slowly, lazily. Green eyes slowly moved across the flat that he… Didn’t recognise. Slowly, the white-haired man turned on the spot, walking around the living room in confusion. Where was this? what was he doing here? Who… Even was he?

A wailing coming from another point in the flat made him jump and he whirled around, half-expecting the thing to have made the noise to be behind him. When he saw no-one, the Brit moved to the doorway and peeked down the hall. The noise didn’t stop and he crept towards it, stopping outside the door from where it was coming from.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and peered into the slightly darkened room. The wailing got louder and it finally registered in his mind that it was a baby’s wail.

Ryou stepped inside the room, looking down at the floor to make sure he didn’t step on any toys that seemed to litter it. He managed to reach the cot and stared at the slightly tanned child, big blue eyes scrunched slightly and filled with tears.

Tiny hands reached up towards him and the baby tried to sit up, sniffing and crying out. At a momentary standstill, Ryou just stared dumbstruck. The toddler’s crying got louder and the English adult reached down and picked the child up, letting him sit on his hip.

Ophidia clung to him and buried his face in his shoulder. Ryou looked down at the blond tufts of hair.

"… Who are you?"

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Another set!

I did Dia’s the same night as everyone else’s (after I’d posted) but didn’t like it so stopped. But now I think I like it? I dunno. It’s not… Sly enough. Either way, here.

Officer’s kind of kept the same rough design as the show (as well as Doctor’s), so it was fun to come up with his. HARLEY’S WAS THE MOST FUN TO DRAW EVER YOU HAVE COOL EYES GIRLY.

And— Yeah. Sorry if they seem repetitive. I’m trying hard to get them all different and unique somehow but…. Ugh, folds and shapes and what is. *flips table*

I now have no muse eyes to draw that I can think of and it makes me sad. So send me asks/suggestions to draw more of what I think their eyes look like? c:

one more eye and I can post another set of Underground eye hc’s~

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Oh my god yes, please.


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Trying to get someone’s attention like




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